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The big problem nowadays is that the LG110s are being 'crippled' at the factory. I don't believe that that's overstating the case.

The longer length rifles mask the symptoms due to their increased heft at the nose - the barrel is the single heaviest component in a Steyr after all. Add a slightly longer air cylinder as well, and you have a rifle that doesn't appear to suffer the same jumpy fire cycle as the standard length rifle, and is also 'more efficient'.

This last point is particularly ironic, to those in the know.

It's a real shame that Steyr have chosen to go down this route, because quite frankly the only thing that makes a Steyr worth its price tag is the completely dead firing cycle yielded by the Stabilizer. A 'jumpy' Steyr is worth no more than any other budget PCP.

I can totally understand why the shorter rifles now have a reputation for being jumpy but rest assured that this is a partial misconception, as the original rifles were never jumpy.

I should know as I've had a few of them (and a few of the longer length rifles as well).

It is still possible to take a new 'crippled' shorter rifle and return it to its original design, but it takes specialist knowledge to do so. The result however is a completely dead rifle which handles far better than its longer sibling, is more efficient and affords a shorter lock time. It's also the sweetest shooting rifle you will ever experience, at any price...
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