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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
I know that John, i also know that if i feel up to it i'll be there and if i don't... i won't.
I felt sick as a dog last night, didn't have much to eat all day and couldn't face anything last night, went to bed early and woke up about midnight, and then again around 3.00am, i had a slice of toast and went back to bed, woke up this morning about 8.30 feeling a little better. I had some breakfast which upset my stomach again and went back to bed again for a couple of hours, i can cope with the ****** feeling and being tired, even the headaches to a certain extent but the sickly feeling is the worst for me, it was the same last time.
I've been a bit brighter this afternoon and got a bit of appetite back, hope tomorrow continues the same.
iv'e got it paul what you now need to do is have a word with Tool and Dave Robo for one of there
Concoctions of the famous root veg smoothey that'l give you the power pal
take care though it will be strong
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