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Originally Posted by jj1 View Post
Hi Paul,
It look like I'm going to go for the longer barrel Steyr so if you have any tips on how the tame it I'd be very grateful.
Kind regards
To be totally honest JJ if I had my time over again I would keep my Daystate GP, don't laugh it was megga accurate and reliable and I only changed to the Steyr as I thought a lighter outfit would help with my standers (how wrong can you get ) if I where you unless you are a competent gunsmith I would buy a good used short barreled rifle for exactly the reasons Simon has pointed out. Ive spent 12months of frustration getting mine sorted, its good now but you shouldn't have to play about with a brand new supposedly "premium" 1800 rifle! If I haven't put you off and you do buy the new Steyr drop me a pm and I'll give you my phone number so I can help as much as I can.
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