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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I did not say a shooters grades have changed now / mid season, for one that is against the "rules" of grading, not that there are many!

Shooters will see a colum listed as "Current Bfta grade," "Avg %" and "Predicted Summer 2013 Grade"

Current grade will be the same as it was in October when winter series started, unless a shooter has now registered 3 results in which case they would have been re-graded from "ungraded A" to what ever their current grade dictates

Ave % is their current rolling 20 / %

Predicted grade is where many will see a change this time, as it is now set for post Inters weekend.
What it allows shooters to do is now see where they will be on current results, ie which grade and also the others shooters and then they can decide if they want to elect to move up a grade or more?
There are number of shooters for example who have now dropped out of AA but I think will elect to shoot in AA? Time will tell on that and really the same for the other classes?

As for updates, Shooter seem to want to see updates far more often then twice a year Rob so thats why when I can I am sending out updates.

I am in the middle of agypsy Wedding today so will try and get ths out shortly to those eho have asked as per other post.

See Bfta forum for further updates.
Ok si... so the grades aren't changing, cool. But I still haven't had any since mid last year, so I can't post them if i'm not sent them can i?
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