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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
The Alutec comes in an Alutech stock, the others don't
True. The main difference is that the Alutec offers a greater range of adjustment. I find the laminate stock is too short at the back and the cheek riser can't go high enough for me. I have experimented with both stocks and I like the feel and balance of the laminate but the cheek riser, even with extensions on the bolts, is just "wrong". Adding a butt plate/hook is not hard but if you want to make adjustments between sitting, kneeling, standing you should go for the Alutec. If you like a high scope mount it gets worse.

Equally I thought about getting a custom wood stock made but again you need the dimensions right and know what adjustment you want to make - buying someone else's stock may not work even if they are the same general size and "shape".

Alutec is cold on the hands at this time of year :-(

Laminate is great for HFT or general shooting but restricting for FT but then I am 6' 2" and wobble about quite enough already :-)

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