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1st prize

Solid bronze turnip hand craft be Remington Farquar Jnr , based on the winning turnip from Eckington harvest festival 1982 (same year Calp was World Champ)

2nd prize

Solid platinum parsnip craft by Alfonso Singonsmyth , based on 4th prize from Eckington harvest festival 1991 (same year Calp was probably 2nd in World Champ's)

3rd prize

Bag of sprouts

4th prize

Calp's autograph

5th prize

Advent calender

6th prize

Road cone & gimp mask

7th prize

3 weeks all expenses paid in a one star B&B in Skegvegas

8th prize

Signed Barry Manilow album

9th prize

Another bag of sprouts

10th prize

Tin of pilchards & an arab strap
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