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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
Hi Kev

the thing is i don't think there's any law to say we have to chrono at any comps, but we do this to make sure nobody trys it on not and to take the law into our own hands if you get my drift.

In the past i've spoken to my FLO and even gone higher and all agree that they are happy we chrono at all, and thats even with the way we do it with the pellet the shooters use.

Thanks for the response Sparky,

I fully accept that the comp organisers are being responsible by including chrono testing within the rules of the competition. Without the 'threat of the chrono' you could, and probably would, find some individuals running at levels that are inappropriate. I'm also sure that with the years of competition experience you and your colleagues have you've seen most of attempts to improve scores with equipment that is marginal, shall we say, and put in place the safeguards required to prevent rule/law breaking.

I've also no doubt that this pellet issue has been raised previously and will always be under consideration.

sorry this is late I missed your response for some reason.
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