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I thought I'd post my progress.

After 3 applications of Nickersons (one coat a day) I was not all that happy with the finish thus far. The finish was still very flat. After looking at it for 24 hours and remembering a conversation with a club member about how there stock looked after only two oilings, I decided to buff my stock with a soft rag.

After a good old rub, a finish was trying to come through. At that point I knew the Nickersons was working and it NEEDED more coats as others have said.

I continued to apply one more coat per day for the next 4 days with a total of 7 coats. I let the last coat dry for 24 hours and gave it a good buff with a soft cloth.


A very nice satin sheen came up with a beautiful, smooth, soft waxy feel, well happy
I can't stop feeling it LOL.

I'll now apply one coat per week for the next 4 weeks and one coat per month for the next 12 months. All my original doubts on this Nickersons has gone, it's great stuff and it will only get better as the coats go on.

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