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Please take my comments with a hint of comedy/pinch of salt.

I think it's great if people who struggle with ranging by eye can use these methods to range accurately.

There is some madness in my method ( I hope ). Shooting the springer the biggest thing on me shooting accurately is ... me. If my mind is still and calm then my breathing is rythmical and my muscles relaxed. Result is I shoot accurately. If my mind gets busy then my breathing gets shallow and my muscles tense. Result is accuracy suffers badly.

I was trying the mildots ranging methods but found myself double guessing my range by eye and then wondering should I aim here or there. Mind got busy ... accuracy suffered. No point me knowing what range it is if I can't hit the darn thing. So I've found going back to it's about that far, aim here, is getting me more points because I'm shooting with a still mind. For others it may be the opposite where they actually find knowing the range by the dots helps them relax and shoot better.

I don't really have those many aim points anyway. On a 45 yard course I don't have to be that accurate with range for most of the targets. I don't have 45 aim points ... just a few. Is it between 15 yards and 32 yards ... aim inside bottom of kill. Is it 33 to 38 ... aim bang on. Is it 39 to 43 ( confirmed by bit of blur ) aim inside top of kill. Is it 44 or 45 ( confirmed by most blur ) bracket kill with cross and bottom bar.

I'll probably go back to giving it another go at some point and I love reading all about it, so thankyou.

I've not shot enough high scores yet for me to say it's working but it's doing ok ... when I turn up to a shoot with the right pellets.( That's another story ).

PS ... just had another go and it's really good. Grrr I'm tempted bolt the Panorama back on now.

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