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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Evening Pilchards !

Many thanks for he pm's ( had to empty in box twice , quite touching ) and also the emails requesting my swift return to give some level headed structure to your seriousness !

The stress migraines and trauma have subsided ( many thanks to Connor for flying some of his special Pumpmaster General Ginger Juice over to aid recovery).

Thanks to Calp and Graham the Hungarian Sock Gurner for the light hearted banter today.

Thanks to RobF & Helen for the flowers and card & the special picture Helen thanks to Neil for the special hug , thanks to Gilly for his understanding words during my counselling sessions.

Also special thanks to Nick Murphy for the multi pence sponsorship deal, Thanks to Mark Stenton for relinquishing his title of chief b0llock talker.

I'd like to thank Blue Stratos for their continued support and The Root Veg appreciation society for lifetime free member ship and the platinum turnip badge.

Sorry if I've missed anyone , thanks for the poll Steve nice to see only two people fully hate me thought there was 5 or 6 or maybe more ?

Any way it's only a joke anything I say so keep calm.

Warm regards and roll on Operation Big Bosh Gang Bang.

Good stuff mate Glad yer back
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