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Default touche'

Touche' to that response Conor, but back then as a young lad I had free time and free reign to be out shooting whenever I felt like it with plenty to challenge myself with, as for the pins it was invariably shot always in the classic FT style, it was second nature back then, now with the advent of higher end rifles and scope quality you would think that it should remain easy, trouble is I don't get enough time with the rifle in hand and even though have gained a few excellent rifles, I have been too quick to chop and change for the sake of variety.

As for HFT this year it will be one rifle for all events and one scope setup, my zero is a little different these days too, back then it was 45 yards average zero and all the usual hold unders/overs there and beyond! These days its 25 yad zero and predominantly holdovers out to near enough zero at 17 through to around 32,.. blah blah!

just seeing if there's tips to be had on modern Scope choices and why.

If I can eliminate some variables, Id be going some way to eliminating the school boy errors.. and if I dont well its only my fault,

All the best

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