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[QUOTE=milek;113671]I have only been in the HFT world for less than a year but I do as much as I can to assist with organisers of certain course, no names, no pack drill. I have slogged over the weekend to put a good show on and I enjoy it immensely even though the 120 miles worth of petrol is a loss (not even a free entry).

However, as a competitor on the day I become frustrated at the comments from some well known guys on the circuit around regulation/distance/kill zone etc and sometimes I feel like walking off the course. I wonder how much effort these serial complainers put in to the day just to make it happen.[/QUOTE

Shooters like a good moan that's what we do, but having driven over a 150 miles to an event advertised as UK rules and then getting there to find targets not working,crap in front of targets and nearly 20 cease fires before we had shot half the course. With the rising cost of fuel i think organisers have a responsibility to those atending to make sure the shoot is as advertised, i regularly used to drive a 300 mile round trip to shoot at one club as you could guarantee it would be a good shoot, i've been to one venue and shot virtually the same course everytime whether it was an open or part of one regional series, i wouldn't go there again if it was 10 miles away. Clubs or series need to be honest when they advertise these events and vet the course properly, not just a quick walk round in the morning.
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