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Originally Posted by Amac View Post
Morning Ryan,

I have no intention of naming individual shooting grounds that fall into this category. Rather than fall into an individual slanging match regarding this, I think that we should all just step back and consider the many points that have been raised thus far on this post.
I would not be surprised if many of the shooters expressing their own opinion at what they consider to be events set out to below true competition standards vote with their feet and basically don't turn up to such events in the future.
Rather than end up falling out over this, I would suggest that a little bit more time and effort is given to setting out courses that are shootable for all and meet the criterion of the current UKHFT rules. Simple as that really.

Good morning to you Andy.

I don't see anyone falling out over it, most places put courses out to what they think the rules are and probably don't realise their courses aren't, this sort of feedback is what improves things everywhere, not just the NW where you're lucky everything is to spec. Would you drop me a pm, I'd genuinely like to know so I dont turn up somewhere and suffer the disappointment.

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