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I tend to shoot courses these days mainly in the north west. It is certainly disappointing if you have traveled a long way to shoot in a competition that resembles a quickly chucked together club day. Dont know about anybody else, but my limited funds mean a rather large hole in my moth ridden wallet when fuel is taken into account.

Alright, I am far from a serious competition shooter, but I know many who are. When you consider the high mileage/overnighters that are involved in travelling to UKAHFT "approved" shoots (or those that claim to be shot to current national rules) and they aren't, it annoys people.

Here in the north west we make serious efforts to ensure that competition courses are properly set out and vetted prior to a shoot commencing. This is obviously less likely to result in continued stoppages early on which tends to be the signature of a poorly set out course. Those "serious" shooters who may or may not have traveled long distances to attend are bound to be miffed as they take their sport seriously.

I am not saying that the only good courses are those in the north west. Just that I am aware of the genuinely great efforts made by the usual few to put on challenging, legal and just as importantly, fair courses. I have seen many courses further south that meet these criterion .But I have also recently seen those that haven't.


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