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Originally Posted by Ralphsputin View Post

I can't see any UKAHFT rule about this anywhere but what is the accepted practice amongst the big boys down South?

There is no hard & fast rule as such, each case is different but in the UKAHFT series you are not allowed to skip lanes & shoot your prefered targets then come back to the ones you've missed.

If however you arrive at your lane to find there are a few lanes spare behind your group then you can approach an official UKAHFT marshal & ask for permission to move back. Persmission may or may not be given depending on whether the marshal thinks you may hold up any shooters behind you.

On occasion a group starting on peg two may be given permission by an official marshal to shoot peg 1 after the first group if there is a very long walk from peg 30 back to peg 1, this again is purely down to the marshals but a persons injuries of disabilities are taken into account.
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