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Setting a course to UKAHFT regs is easy

Well no it's not, as it requires time and effort. What it does is give you a format and rules to work to. It should also give you a course that no matter where it is will match that format. It should also be fair to all competitors.

When Rivi got their first outside range for some time (Giants Seat) we set out courses that consisted of "some targets", at "some distances" with "some reducers" and we shot without positions being stipulated between two poles or gate. Yes it was enjoyable but it was also very variable.
I wouldn't have liked to drive for two hours to shoot such a course.

If a shoot is stated as being to UKAHFT Rules, then it should be. If it's not it deserves all the comments it may well receive. If a shoot is not going to be to UKAHFT Rules then that should be stated, along with the Rules/Format it's been set out to.

It's not the fiver entry but the fifty quids worth of fuel and time that gets people upset if the course is not what they expect.

To answer Ian's question. If I go to an advertised UKAHFT shoot I expect it to be just that.

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