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The thing is some people think we (UKAHFT) are controlling and demanding, yet its clubs that ask to affiliate to us and we don’t make anyone affiliate it’s the club choice all we ask if you use our name use our rules.

Like it or not UKAHFT is the National and International HFT format, some people do seem have a problem with the format/rules but they are there for a reason to try and make it fair for everyone and we do our best not to exclude anyone, left & right handers, short & tall, from a Gat to an EV2.

It’s not hard to set a UKAHFT spec course out all guidelines are available to anyone.
If a club does state or give the impression that its UKAHFT format and people travel to shoot that, it is bad when it’s not as advertised, as you don’t go to a pool hall to find out you are playing darts instead

Again with affiliated clubs, it doesn’t mean you have to use our rules end of, we have Quarry doing extreme, Kibworth their marksman and Cambridge rules and so on, but at least once a month we all do a UKAHFT rules comp to, all shooters are asking it seems to know what they are going to, which imo is a fair shout.

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