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Results Below

HFT 19/01/13 @ Lea Valley

Barry Smith ........58 winner after coin toss
Darren Quincy 58 2nd
Richard Woods 56 3rd
Harry Kalaydjian 55
Shaun Eustice 54
Martin Slane 53
Chris Boulton 53
Glen Pickard 53
Richard Byford 53
Matt Edwards 53
Mike Carney 51
Peter J Edwards 51
Ron Whitney 50
Roger Bentley 49
David Allam 49
Roger Lait 48
Ian Bainbridge 47
Kevin Turner 47
Dave Mansfield 43
Jamie Fordham 38
Alison Mansfield. 36

Dan Measures 53 Winner
Simon Vant 52 2nd
Rex Bennett 48 3rd
Bruce Gill 48
Paul Burt. 46
Toby Lee 44
Mal Gwynne 43
Lee Hartness 43
Don Hartness 42
John Andrew 41
Dan Ferraro 36

Roger Lait 48 winner
Lee Hartness 43

Jonathan Chidzoy 48 winner
Reece Eustace 36 2nd


I was one that never made it it due to weather -

Aware the Course was originally set out last saturday by Mike & Team
Not being there - not aware if it was Tweaked -

But from Checking Scores and Talking to several other Shootes who Shot the course
Stated it was Shootable taking into account state of Weather

With Regards to Alsions comments - surprised but at least the Club was able to put on a Shoot

The Club Aims to put on courses as near as they Are able to UKHFT Rules
Normal comment UKHFT with a Lea Valley - Twist

Yes there are issues @ present with regards to the club staying @ current Site
Due to LVSA who we rent off - having their Lease Renewal rejected

I understand that You had issues and that you shoot regularly @ Our Club Competitions

It will be taken on Board by Committee & HFT Squad -
As the Woods lease in not effected By current issues with Ground -

BOB/R Club Chairman
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