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Originally Posted by James0807 View Post
You are talking sh1te! I do not mind having to adjust but when it is around 1/3 of the course I have a problem.

Haha "A simulation of techniques used in a hunting environment" what do you mean, wearing a camo coat? You really seem to know what hunting is about then?!

It is supposed to be a target sport not a lottery!

I seem to recall you calling a target at the gathering when you simply missed it. I was sure you just thought I am having a go because lot's of other people had! You then made us all wait for 5-10 mins for someone to come to be told nothing was wrong with it. Bad, people should be stopped for doing that not requesting a clear shot in a target sport!
did you shoot at Cosford last Sunday, if so and the course gave you such a problem why did you not raise it with Greg the series organizer or myself as the club owner.
I welcome all cooments good or bad as they help me improve the next course
the course was checked by 4 different people over the weekend and as I said in an earlier post not everybodies opinion of an obstruction is the same
if it is a pure target sport why include the word HUNTER in the name
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