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Cool the great debate

So 2013 is upon us and HFT season is right around the corner and I am contemplating parting with some reddies in search of a new scope perhaps. I currently use two scopes and neither of which I can find fault with..the faults lie solely with myself and the schoolboy errors I'm prone to making haste when down (or up) for a shot.

I currently use a HAWKE TAC 30 10x42 and a Falcon Menace 10x42 b20 ret, both cracking scopes and the more I shoot them the more i like them..

the thing is, Im intrigued about the benefits of shooting less than ten mag and have even contemplated going as low as 7x mag with a lesser objective, somewhere in the mid to low 30's (mm).

Be good to hear anyone's opinions and results from changing down, are their gains to be had in slight elimination of parallax issues over the loss of objective size and magnification. Growing up I shot with a standard 30/30 ret and was blessed if I had one capable of 9 times mag at a whopping 40mm and without bragging (much).. I could ping mapping pins off a fence post at 50yards! Now with the HFT and getting used to thinking of all the variables instead of pointing and shooting on instinct (as a laddy the rifle was never out my hand, my old faithful Titan) I find i make the most frustrating bloody errors when i know I should be knocking em down!

BUT.. i pay attention and like to learn, so the question is, whats the formula?

now before the obvious answers, "what works for one person, may not work for next", there's obviously mechanics that do go toward an advantage for the lower mag objective scopes and I've seen, met, am now friends with and witnessed top class shots over my fledgling year on the Scottish HFT circuit doing excellent with the queried setups.. but equally performances have been just as good with the A-typical 10x mag scopes.

So how about a wee poll to see what's what and what people prefer for HFT. ? Any takers.

Any advice greatly received and responded to.

P.s I know ultimately its down to personal preference and (ahem) ability!



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