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Originally Posted by tomi44g View Post
We are delighted to announce that a completely redesigned version of TargetScan has been released and is available in the App Store. Using the App you can simply take a photo of the paper target and check the score. Scanning multiple targets you can plot composite target and calculate the centre of the group.

Currently ISSF 10m Air Pistol, 10m Air Rifle, and NSRA 25yd Rifle (prone) patters are recognised.

Below, for Shooting the Breeze users, free promo codes (you can redeem the code from the AppStore App, 'Featured' tab):
2) LX9YF994R7E3
4) Y7W3MM673HEJ
5) KWF794J69JLY

Since every code can be redeemed only once, please reply to this post when you decided to use one.

We would love to hear the feedback, improvement suggestions.
I would like to install how do I use the redeem code?
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