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Well , well, weekend

Arriving on Saturday and after setting up the tent and getting myself to the good old windy MAD plinking range with a new scope in hand for some zeroing and some sound tips and advice from the man him self Dave 'Buster'Lillywhite everything looked rosey

The usual suspects arrived and everything turned to the usual organised chaos BIG \Chris on the BBQ (me supervising with a Jack D in hand) and the rest off shooting a good 20 shot mini course.

Massive thanks to Steph for taking me to 'THE' Off licence .....what an experience , if you havent been there you really have to.

What a BBQ and party ........great fun dancing, singing ,South African cuisine on the barby, Dutch Gin ...............BRILLIANT !!!!!

Next morning.....oh yes going around the course with my good buddy Vinnie 'The Funk' Blackman and the Hungover missus was a treat on a testing course with a weary Big Chris in the lane behind........AHHH....Ian Bainbridges fantastic cooking and hospitality is second to none .....

.....more MAD please

Ollie & Lou xxx
Celer et Audax.
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