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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Make a date in your diaries 27/12/09 at Anston FTC this is a shoot like no other!

Basically it's a team event, the team is made up of FT and HFT shooters from the same club! The total number of people in a team is 6, 3 FT and 3 HFT shooters.

Your team is drawn against another team from a hat and you shoot against the other team, your culminative scores are added up and the highest team score wins. Scoring comprises of either an X or a O as per FT.

But there will be "bonus" lanes in which your team can gain extra ground on your opponents, the scoring for these lanes will be 3 for Standing, 2 for kneeling, 1 for prone/sitting and 0 for a miss. But you will take these shots out of view of your opponents under the watchful eye of a marshal, so they will have no idea how you've done on the bonus lanes

It gets a little more complicated now, the first round teams will consist of 6 people, the rounds thereafter will consist of 4 people, but keeping the equal balance of FT and HFT shooters. If your team is fortunate enough to make it through to the next round, the two shooters who missed out on the previous round MUST shoot the next round, this trend continues throughout the competition.

I know it sounds complicated and little tweaks are still going to be made as time goes by but that is the basics of the competiton, this is a shoot like no other, it will be mega!

So start comprising teams gents(and ladies) there is room for 8 teams, but if we can get the numbers it can be stretched to 16 teams.

27/12/09 Anston FTC, get thy self there!!!
Further details on NEFTA home page (link below)
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