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Dave, I wasn't complaining about the course, it was questioned regarding the reduced aperture as to whether the reduction should be in front or behind; this has now been answered.

Other people hijacked the thread and interjected regarding the setting up of courses and twigs etc. I have no issues with regard to the course. My comment regarding the removal of twigs and grass beyond 8 yards has a significant effect on previous shooters of the target. I normally shoot from the left side of the post, but on occasions have to shoot from the right, but do not complain, as it is the course setter who wants to test the capabilities of all shooters in a variety of positions and this makes a challenging and interesting course. If a left handed shooter is unable to adapt their shooting to take account of this then I feel sorry for them, I adapt and so do the majority. I have had to wait for branches to move out of the target (all of it) not just the kill in order to shoot at past shoots and have had targets moving in wind, but have put up with it as being part of the course and testing skills and aptitude to adapt to the conditions; it is after all a simulation of techniques used in a hunting environment; mammals hid behind trees, bushes and twigs, and when hunting we have to adapt.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course at Cosford and look forward to shooting it again, the fun thing was that the afternoon session had considerably fewer stoppages, so perhaps the adjustments rectified the course, or they adaptated and just shot. There were still exceptional scores from the second session in all categories, including left handed shooters.


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