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Originally Posted by fredyninefingers View Post
BSA swf 8-32-44,great ft scope,range from 10 yds to infinity.....about 70 posted on the bay
Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
i have a bsa 8-32 x44 swf 70 of the bay does the job repeatable range finding, use it on my springer, you will have to make a sidewheel as bsa dont do one. 37mm internal dia, my external dia 167mm max without hampering the mag adjustment.
Originally Posted by Airiarms View Post
I can vouch for the BSA it a reasonable scope. My son uses one and does very well with it .
Barry Taylor does an adaptor for a the side wheel and supplies the shark Finn style. The gaps from 40 to 55 are larger on his than on my big nikko and you can also get a top turret to fit that is for the mk 1 nikko to make the makings better. You will need to remove the existing top turret and the small O ring.
There will be some photos on tomorrow under unofficial manufacturers ( AIR ARMS ) warren Edwards stock if this helps. Don't get a copy one buy a proper BSA from a reputable gun shop.
The range consistent but don't compare to more bigger mag scopes on the market ie big nikko ect.
Over all its nice and light and will do a decent job for you. We payed 119.00 from penningtons
Gun shop in castleford, West Yorkshire .

Thanks for the info guys. Are the e bay ones copies . Had a quick look and they are the old Deerfield style model with the crinkle finish. The ones advertised by BSA are smooth finished.
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