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The problem I have is that I like the wood.

I bought the MPR the other month, but never wanted the MPR stock. My plan was always to sell the MPR stock and make a sporter stock by hand. Short on time, I decided to buy the Walnut sporter stock for a mid turm stop gap until I had time for the hand made one.

Wood is a variable thing and AA 'hand picked' this one for me under my instruction of interesting grain and a knot. I couldn't be there to look myself, but what they sent was nice enough. If I sent this one back due to a lack of finish and marks, I may get a replacment that is not as nice, then I'll be really unhappy.

I bought some Nickersons and intend to one a day for a week, once a week for a month. Total 11 coats. I'm at coat 2 now and it seems to be OK. The marks in the chequering seem to be belnding OK'ish. I'm told Nickersons make the wood darker, so things may get better. I don't seem to be building any sheen yet, it's still sinking into the grain. Maybe this is a good thing, but I'm thinking of waxing it at the end of the Nickersons, having given it a week to dry after the 11th coat.

I know I can't oil it once the wax goes on, but I'm hoping 11 coats of oil will be enough ? ! The wax will give it a nice 'on top' sheen ( no gloss! ) Nickersons does not like rain it seems, but if I seal it over with wax, the wax should be fine with rain, I hoping !!

The gun is a long turm keeper, just like my old FN19 (lovley gun ) so I don't mind putting it a bit of work now

Any thoughts on a satin sheen wax on top of the Nickersons oil??


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