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Well I seem to have touched a nerve there, demi god Hmmm think I'll have to get a badge made I don't have a problem with Basingstoke bob I happen to think its a cracking place to shoot. What I do have a problem with is wasting my hard earned on shooting a micky mouse course, the last two shoots I have done there have been a waste of lead. Both were supposedly major comps ie SHS and a National, I could of put a better/more challenging course out in my back garden than the one you put out for the national it was a farce and I am not the only person with this opinion. You will come back with your usual "Well the UKAHFT format does'nt let me put targets in difficult positions", I did'nt see many clearances at Anston so prehaps if you listened to people instead of just doing your own thing you might put out a course that 1. People want to shoot and 2. Make better use of what is a cracking venue.
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