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This thread was only 2 pages last time I looked so just scanned over most replies & noticed some comments regarding removal of twigs/grasses during the shoot.
I vetted the course on sunday morning with Dave from Cosford and asked him to replace 2 of the supported targets that did not have 25mm of plate around the KZ, which he did so this issue was sorted for the 1st session.
I did do a bit of gardening (removing any twigs or grasses that I thought may obstruct the KZ) as I was vetting the course looking mainly out to 8yds & did a bit past 8yds, however I obviously missed some that affected left handed shooters.
As I was marshalling & shooting in the 1st session & was asked a few times to check mainly grasses that were obstructing left handed shooters, I used the logic that if a right handed shooter had already shot & did not have to come off the peg to shoot then why should the left handed shooters have to come off the peg & be put at a disadvantage so I had no hesitation removing obstructions at whatever distance they were, on a couple of occasions these were at around 20 - 25yds on newly cut out lanes onto the open field.

I am not a trained UKAHFT marshall but I am always willing to help out during the Midlands series or at Kibworth for the Marksman or Open series & will have hopefully learnt from this shoot.
Please don`t have a go at someone for asking for a marshall when he had a valid reason, we all take our shooting seriously & if my actions have offended anybody I apologize, just remember at 8:00 am in a wood when it`s just getting light & with my eyesight I might just miss spotting a few bits of grass, bloody hell lads give us a break i`m gonna be 52 next month
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