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Picked up a tin of these today and tried a few out at Horsham thanks to nabbing a few from Steve on the range and a tin from Ben, they were flying very flat indeed out to 40. Since I got home I've done a few groups (only out to 35 yards) and they are grouping slightly better than 4.53 and Mossies although there s a bit of wind so not perfect conditions... from what I've seen so far I'm keen on giving them a test in still conditions over some distance.

I weighed the first couple of dozen straight from the tin and all fell between 7.31 and 7.36 so none would have been discarded on weight, had a couple of unshapely skirts though.

I'd be interested to hear if others have done any tests yet and how they are doing at further distances.

Chrono'd them at 830/11.1


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