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Heyup ... the UKAHFT diplomacy representative has arrived.

For once I do agree with Pete D ( did I actually say that ). Gerry I think you'll find that none of the top shots will ever go for an easy 1 on the plate. They will always back themselves to hit the kill, even in Quarry wind, and if they do miss they'll probably edge the kill anyway.

It's always a challenge for the organisors to keep the rules so it's challenging for the best shooters but still worth the newcomers, youngsters and not so good shooters turning up and having a go. I'm sure the leniency on areas around kills is to ensure that the weaker shooters don't get too discouraged by lots of zeros on their card.

( ps ... I'm glad it's you on the wrong end of Pete instead of me ... he'll no doubt give me a sound thrashing shortly ).
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