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Originally Posted by Gerry View Post
To be fair , this rule of 25mm of plate around the kill is a new one .

I saw in the past , a 10mm metal around the plate was required .

Quarry has some targets that are difficult , the dinosaur, a snake , a snail , a crab & a fox come to mind .

So , yes , I think they are great targets .

Lots of guys would aim for a safe plate shot on the body , or go for broke & go for the kill .

But at the end of the day , every one has to shoot the same target .

The 25mm rule is making it an easy shot to plate ... the idea is to knock it down , if the miss misses , so be it , join the unlucky few & deal with it .

Or is this a case of certain prima donna shooters not wanting to risk a zero on their CV ?
Do you shoot much UKAHFT Gerry as the 10mm & 25mm rules have been in force for almost 2 years

As to shooters going for body shots you'd be surprised how few do so, I've seen the dinosaur you mention used at a quarry national where only 2 or 3 shooters have gone for the body when the target is up the cliff.

Maybe you should stick to commenting about the sports you shoot as you seem to know SOD ALL about UKAHFT & please feel free to name these "prima donna shooters" who go for a plate or is that you just mouthing off to try to make a point.
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