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Thanks for posting that Sparky. It's an excellent letter. I saw it on the NW forum too.


I had a great day on Sunday. It was a dead easy drive down the M6. Cosford is dead easy to find. I had a pleasant chat with the shotgun guys before shooting. Nice little clubhouse with hot refreshments. I had no probs on the course ... I could see all the kills and there was no obstructions ... but I did shoot in the afternoon with less shooters. I've just been posting as Devil's thingymebob as reading the boards for years and getting to as many shoots over winters as I can one gets the impression that no one dare say anything other than 100% praise about shoots or rules.

I've given up half a lifetime in volunteer work to get sports events on for people so trust me I have no time for the people who just moan. No problem telling them to **** off until they put some work in themselves. However, sometimes someone may be making a decent point that people can learn from and make things better next time.

'Cosford' has posted on here that he checked the course for obstructions and deemed it clear and he said that what one person may count as clear another may not. It only takes a blade of grass to give a zero so for me clear means nothing in the way to the kill ... unless it's a thick branch or large stone or post that is being used to make the shot less comfortable and cannot be shot out of the way.

I know the lad that asked for the pruning and he is very serious about his HFT and he's very good at it. I can't believe he would be asking for stuff to be cleared that was not in his line of fire. So there must have been stuff there for him to ask for it to be moved. He is left handed so maybe there was bits of things that could be seen from his position and not from someone checking who doesn't normally shoot left handed.

I don't get to the Nationals so always feel embarassed commenting about HFT and I don't blame the organisors for getting frustrated with me at times and politely hinting that I should shut up or do something else. I just wish we could all adapt an attitude of recognising the moans for moaning's sake but welcoming constructive comment. If Sparky came to shoot at our club and said " Thanks for that mate but have a think about doing this or this " ... I wouldn't be saying that he's just moaning ... I'd be taking on board what he was saying because that would improve my club's shoots. If I just said ... " Oh he's just moaning " ... he'd probably not come to our club again. That means members at my club don't get to pick up tips watching him shoot or picking his brains over a cup of tea after the shoot. What a loss.

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