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This is what all ukahft hosting and affiliated clubs get sent


Course Setting

First of all regarding the new format of extended 25mm targets, please try and use traps rather than throw all out at distance and also remember that 20 & 30mm come under these also.

Discipline & reduced kill shots should be spread equally around the course, please don’t have all the standers or reduced kills in one particular area as this can make it unfair on shooters having to finish on lots of reduced kills which are badly shot up.

Please remember when setting the course that it should be fair to everyone, this includes shooters with budget scope & small juniors. Please read the course format carefully as any non compliances will need to be changed when the course is vetted as what you may think is a hard/fun shot could well be impossible for someone else. The aim is to create a course that can be shot equally by shooters of all sizes & age groups, so targets shouldn’t be positioned so as to make the shot impossible for a small junior. Please also ensure that any obstructions in the line of sight cannot move during competition or be shot out of the way by one shooter then be clear for the next, this doesn’t make a good course it makes it a lottery and ALL shots should be the same for everyone. Remember this is not a Contortionists sport and shouldn’t be made awkward at the peg.

Supported standers & kneelers must not have a peg on them as this causes confusion; the target number should be fastened to the support to indicate it is the peg & therefore must be touched.
Standing and kneeling shots, should have at least 25mm of plate around the KZ, all other targets need to have a minimum of 10mm around the KZ.

Any targets must have faceplates painted either White or Yellow with black kill zones.
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