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Default Easy FT

Easy FT

I have always said at Regional level ft should cater for all "levels" where as National should be a hard test.

So, instead of the normal "Vermin" side shoot I hope to start " EASY FT" at this round.

Basically it should do what it says on the tin.

I hope to have a 30 shot course, all flat shooting ground between the pegs so those who use table / bench and chairs can compete as well as the more able bodied shooters going round the main course.
2 -4 targets per lane, perhaps on average 3 targets a lane???
Any Full kills will be all 45 ml, as we have quite a few at Tondu so we will make use of them, the extra 5mm over the more common 40ml kill zone meaning it should be easier?
May well throw a few 25ml and 15 ml out in the mix as well, depending on wind conditions come the day?
Most targets will be under 45 yards, maybe just a couple over 45 yards. Any reducers close in, again depending on conditions?
Obviously the course will not have any standers or kneelers!
The idea is that those who might not be so mobile, new to the sport, those using non range finding scopes and generally lower end equipment will be able to compete and hopefully hit most of the targets.
No classes (as yet)
3 entry prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Get people, old and young interested in Ft with more basic equipement and perhaps from there a Champion will grow?
Or if not then it means more "club" shooters can have a go at a version of Ft.
I may even try and raise some sponsorship for this?


Now of course the more established Ft shooter likes a side shoot, so the above course will also double as an Extreme Side shoot.
Any Graded Ft shooter, ie Little Jack, Dave Gage etc can pay 2 to shoot the course as a side shoot.
1 point for hitting a target sitting, 2 points for kneeling (no dispensation) or 3 standing (no dispensation)
Winner takes all .
Hopefully at 2 entry and few havihg a go it will provide a good little bonus to the winner.
I will also try an arrange some sponsorship for this?
more details to follow

Bit more course planning on this tomorrow at Tondu.

I shall also be planning the final adjustments to the main course for the 17th, which will also be a 30 shot Winter course, maybe 40 if the weather is fine come the date?
"Main" Ft course will be a bit tougher, but still with my planned 1 in 5 Gimmie targets?
Course will inlcude some of the Gp lanes (different target positions) from the 2012 gp on the lower ponds, as we have only shot those once so it seemed like a good idea to use them again before the grow over again in the summer.

Be good to see some visitors coming down, full days shooting on offer.

More details to follow
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