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Just for the record, I went over to Cosford on the Saturday to lend a hand as the lads over there had not put a UKAHFT Spec course out before.
The only reducers used with reducing plates on the back were 25mm.
And they were used on the supported Kneeling and standing shots.
As the targets they had bought for their SARC comps didn't have the required 25mm of plate around the Kill.
So really it was a bit of a trade of, they either went with the reducing rings and had people moan or they went for the non legal less than 25mm of plate and had people moan!!
The previous year most of the targets used came from my local club as Cosford were still in the process of purchasing new ones.
Shame that we can't get a standard ruling across all organisations on the amount of plate around the kills this would then stop clubs buying dodgy targets that can be used in one organisation but not the other.
As far as twigs in front of targets I checked every target from the prone and kneeling position on the sat afternoon and every target was clear.
As the DMHS organiser my felocity is that you can't please everyone all of the time, but as long as the majority are happy then we must be doing something right.
Hope to see you all at the Greyhound .
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