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There is no specific rule about how a kill should be reduced but the whole idea of UKAHFT is to be as fair to everyone as possible whilst still being a challenge……this means that we don’t allow twigs in front of kill zones that get shot away after a few shooters leaving the kill clear for everyone, we don’t allow hidden kill zones, fake kill zones or kills covered in material that can be shot away during the course of fire creating a larger kill later in the event.

If however a target kill zone cannot be seen then that target may be deemed unfair & risks being pulled from competition by the Chief Marshal or organisers, this could be due to a number of reasons:

1) The target area being too dark to see the kill.

2) The target may be in a dark area but the kill may not be visible due to the target being silhouetted by strong light.

3) Brand new targets often cause problems due to zinc plating or the bright finish on the steel which stops the paint adhering, a missed shot on the kill & the recessed reducing ring can lead the paint flaking off in large pieces then the killzone is no longer visible & shooters think the target is a full 40mm kill.

4) A target with a number of holes where ones killzone is present with the others being fake.

A ‘shot up’ kill wouldn’t be pulled as everyone on the course shoots ‘shot up’ targets at the end of their course, this is why we ask clubs to spread out the reducers to reduce the risk of an advantage/disadvantage.

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