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Thanks for all the comments made to my original enquiry; it appears that the majority of shooters and course setters were totally unaware of this, as are the manufacturers of the targets.

The issue of twigs etc across the faceplate is a an addition to my question of rule regarding the reducer aperture and I would appreciate a ruling from UKAHFT, so that we all know and can adjust or alter the targets before them being set.

If the first shooter at any comp complains about twigs or grass or leavescovering the target then it should be taken seriously and rectified, if after further shooters have shot at the target and scored more than zero, then there should be no "gardening" infront of the target beyond 8 yards as per the current rules, as this will have an effect on the scores of the shooters who have already shot and therefore not a fair and equitable course for all. I realise that this may cause issues to some, but unless we are going to allow shooters to shot the target again after alteration, then the twig/grass/leave shot not be moved.
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