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to mod a target depends on the fixing at the back, most come supplied with the mounting lug welded to the back of the target which is a problem ,as you would need to grind the lug off the back of the target ,drill a new hole in the face plate to fit a bolt allowing you to mount the reducer to the front.don't pass the bolt in from the back as you will then have extra metal possibly in the way at the front (depending how long a bolt you use and what type of nut ) giving rise to possibly more complaints
the other option is to look at other targets which have no reducer fitted ,drill a hole in the face plate for the bolt and use them as the reducer targets ,which mean you will not have to grind the lug off the back of the original target
but as it is not a rule for the reducer to be fitted to the front of the plate the mod is up to the individual club as you could possibly damage a perfectly good target costing money
personally I see no reason for this to be made a rule
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