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Fair comments fella.

I really enjoyed the course. I enjoyed the visit in general and I thanked the tea ladies and the lads at the end pulling the targets in. Obviously lots of hard work went into making it happen so thanks again.

It's not easy. At our club the wood is really dense so there is always stuff to clear out of the way on targets that are quite low. I've even seen it where you clear stuff out of the way and check from the peg and all looks clear. The next day people then walk to the targets to pull the strings out to the pegs and their feet disturb something and you have a twig in front of the target again. This can even happen at large shoots with two sessions as people spray the targets in between sessions or even if a marshall has approached a target to check it if there has been a splitter etc.

Is the reducer mod just undoing a bolt and putting them at the front as we have lots of them at our club? I won't know for sure until I get to the club and have a look.

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