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I enjoyed yesterday's course and I also heard the talk about plates at rear of targets. I understand the logic of the arguament against that because shot up rear plates may look like the kill giving the impression the kill is bigger than it is. We have loads of targets like that at our club and I can understand the comment that it may mean clubs will have to buy new targets at more expense. Can the targets that are sold like this be easily converted to front plate?

The other issue mentioned ... the twigs thing. With all respect when anyone questions anything like this there will always be the response ... Stop moaning and just shoot the target. Is this a Mickey Mouse sport or is it serious target shooting. If it's serious target shooting then it has to be done fair and right. There's always time in any serious sport for the banter and p1ss taking and the social side ... but if people are spending thousands of pounds on kit and putting the hours in practising, and getting up at 4 in the morning to travel to some shoots, spending money on fuel etc ... then for that brief moment when you are pulling the trigger it's serious. It's not about winning gonks ... it's about fairness.

Some course setters may not be aware of certain issues so I see no harm in constructive comments that may mean for an even more enjoyable shoot the next time.

It's never 100% fool proof but when setting a course I always get down in the prone position and check from as low as you can to quite a way up the peg ... on both sides for left and right handers ... to see if there is any long grass or twigs in the way. If there are then clear them. It probably sounds petty ... but I shot a course this winter where I'd spent a couple of hours getting to a shoot. First peg and I'm the first to shoot that peg. Not a difficult target ... 20mm at about 20 yards prone. Through the scope there is a twig just in front of the kill. My head was telling me to stop and ask a marshall to move it ... but I thought I'd look a right kn*b moaning about a twig on the first shot. I tried to manouvre around it and couldn't. So I thought the pellet would probably get past it anyway. Result ... doughnut ... on the first target. No one else needed to worry about that twig. Plus it was about 5 targets before I'd calmed down. So I don't blame people for asking for twigs and light stuff to be moved. Check it when setting the targets. It saves blowing whistles and stoppages during the comp. If it's a heavy branch etc that can't be shot out of the way and is deliberately placed there to make the shot awkward then no probs.
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