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Wow ! I can not believe all this moaning !!!

Surely this is a field target sport , thus , there are always going to be the odd twigs etc blowing accross a target !!!

The face plates , well , every comp I have ever shot in , the face plates are reduced from the back , & every time , the guys around have warned each other to look carefully , because its a reducer .

I really dont see what all the fuss is about .

Especially as all the commercially made targets have the reducer plates at the back any way .

Now if there is a rule made that the reducer has to be in front , smaller clubs will have to buy new targets.... adding to the cost of the comps .

Entries are not nearly as many as a few years ago ...

If entry fees go up , even fewer chaps will travel to shoot .

I think the ruling should be " where possible , fit the reducer in front" .

The course setter can always put a sign on the peg warning shooters of a rear fitted reducer as well , so if his shooting buddies dont warn him , its all going to be good .
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