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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I think the issue here is a reducer fitted behind can look like the paddle when the paint has been shot off it making it a problem for shooters later in the session so the fact that it is a reducer is not obvious to some people and some scopes, most of us have some blur at some distances. Where a front mounted one is plain to see even when it is beaten up.
Making the target fair for the whole session has to be the priority here.
This is how I understood it as well.
As it has been stated, at some distances, the rear reduced targets are hard to see once shot up, especially if they are 15mm close in or 25mm further out, hence I thought a rule being set about the target being reduced from the front only if a seperate part was used to reduce the kill size. IIRC MAD had a couple a year or two ago at a UK round that had been reduced from the rear (by accident, they were supposed to have been on the front of the target) & by the time a few people had shot them you could hardly make out wether the kill was full size or smaller..
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