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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Bloody cold day at Nelson, think it must have been around "0" most of the day

Bit of a cok up with one of the targets, the short one in the lane was 55 yards!!
The other 64! Target was pulled so scores from an Ex 39 course

Flicky wind that was unreadble at time, but nice to see standers that were of medium and short distances only
Well done to my protoge Gadget on an excellent 30 today

Will have a more detailed breakdown of results later and some pics, but for now here are the Scores


Dean Jukes 33
Dave Gage 33
Si Evans 32
Jack Harris 32
Nigel hayman 31
Doz 31
Berty 30
Jason Harris 28
Chris Keyworth 28
John Kociumbas 22

A class

Russel summers 29
Dave Williams 27
John Lewis 26
Craig Morgan 24
Steve Chubb 24
Tom gould 23
john Johnson 18

B class

Gadget 30
D cooper 23
chris Miles 23
Rob Hathaway 23
Derk 22
D.Harvey 21
Craig Corbett 21
Vnce Bowen 21
Simon Tpping 20

c class

Wayne Brookes 19
Morf 17
Kieran Williams 17
Ian davies 15
J.williams 14
Mark thomas 12
P.Bryant 12
Dave Allibone 9
Are these all the scores for B class?

Just noticed my name up in the joint 2nd "fighting for a possible 3rd" maybe my score card got overlooked or not all of the top scores are all on there?

Could someone please clarify my finishing position

Look forward to seeing the photos. You had a nice little setup going on there forgot the target station- should be some interesting shots thanks Simon.

On a whole was a good event, Thanks to everyone that helped make this shoot happen was nice to get back out there after the Christmas (although found it tough, maybe I ate to much Christmas pudding over the holidays found it hard getting into a decent position).

Wind was here or there but seemed unusually calm for nelson (going on past experiences oc)

Congratulations to all the class winners good

Look forward to returning and much improving my score

Steyr Lg100 CustomStock!, Leupold comp x40

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