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Interesting last post Simon makes me glad as I was beginning to think things were not going right at the club shoot as were all having pellets drop low or drift much further or not at all.

Just practising but all of that were shooing were getting nothing or upto 2 kills of wind on the same targets, also getting pellets dropping just below at 6. Even on our test targets range at 50yds you could get 3 or 4 shots that would land right height and maybe 1/2" across for wind and then 2 shots go low then back again. The low shots immediately below the previous group of pellets.

Pellets all weighed (804 to 8.5grns) and sized, when the pellets dropped all those that were shooting at the target all had them go low. Happened with Steyrs, EV2 and Ripley. After much thought and tea drinking decided it was purely a weather thing with the wind and cold doing really strange things today. Leaving the rifles alone ready for Wendover next weekend.
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