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Default Norweigian Wind @ Nelson

bloody Cold day at Nelson.

Arrived with gadget and went off doing some pics while the guns cooled down.

& no1 Luep was paired up with some die 39, sized to 4.50 and lubed. not sure if i should have used straight pellets today?
the D39 were a bit of a mix of 2011 & 2012 tins from this weeks testing and I had a couple of odd results!

I had a tin of MEGA D50 in the car and think now i should have used those

Long first target, 47m, Gave inside 9 edge and hit clean enough.

Missed T 3, again 47m. Gave inside edge to see pellet strike half a kill past 3, so some 60mm of movement with absolutly no sign or indication of Wind.

hence the Worlds & Norway reference.

Double dinlked lane 8.

T 15 was 45. Gave inside 9, half a kill past 3 so another 60 ml of wind, in windless conditions.

T16 =50! right, give it kill of wind = Strike on the cross hair, not a bit of movement and the first signs that really conditions today were nothing short of unreadble and poke and hope. not enjoyable to shoot in at all really

Missed T22, 47m..
This was one of the odd misses and something of a worry? Got windage, out of kill spot on only to see pellet strike about half inch below 6 !
Others were reporting low strikes, but i think those may have been from warm guns cooling down. suppose mine couple have been a combination of wind pushing down and unknown, but felt rock solid on it?

Missed T24, 35m Kneeler!!
Had over trouser on and could not expose myself enough, ie get my legs spread wide into my normal Kneeling position. Was just not comftable or happy with the condtions by now and produced the only bad miss of the 7. Just wobbled from 9 edge and hit 3, poor shot!

T26 was the first long one in the field, 45m. Poke and hope as such. gave 3 edge and hit 9

T30 was another Dropper! this time though just 30m and a full kill. The shooting position was however a franz clammer slope for a right handed shooter and as the diet is not working quiet as fast as needed, i moved to the right of th peg to find an almost flat 9ish) piece of ground to shoot off. Pellet hit half inch below 6!!! There was no noticable difference in the tone of the shot so unless a shot went off at 400fps, the ony thing i put this one down to is clipping some of the long grass that was roughly in line on the fasr right. Would have been better off taking it kneeling!

T31 was the Joke target at 64 yards, target pulled from results.
T32 was another franz clammer so having just had a pop at t31, i took t 32 kneeling too, 50 m down it goes lol!

So 7 down, 1 to a bad shot on the kneeler, 1 probably to grass, 4 to Norweigian Wind and one dropped for reason unknown.

Perhaps best to used 4.50 d39 on either absolute no wind days, or constant wind.
Not suitable for fickle conditions?
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