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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Not even if I was paid to

Anyway Chris Cundy Combo shoot at M.A.D will be far better come over and see me destroy Chillingworth

Good chance of a top 5 at the sizzler as thats about as many as will turn up.
You really do have a problem with Basingstoke don't you Do you have some sense of self importance or just fancy being some sort of demi god for shooters?

If you don't like our shoots (or can't handle them) fine, but be a gentleman and stop the snide coments, eh? When was the last time I or indeed anyone from our club made a derogatory comment about you?

For those who are coming to the Sizzler, thanks in advance. We've hopefully put on a good challenging and fun comp which admittedly won't appeal to all die-hard UKAHFT format shooters, but you will be assured of a friendly welcome

For those going to the CC shoot, have a great time. Its a great charity idea and worthy of the goodwill of airgun shooters. Its a shame both our comps clash but hey, ho, we'll try and avoid a clash next year.

More details for the sizzler here


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