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A very simple method for range finding with a mildot ret is to set the scope to 9.2x mag, you can do this very accurately without having to rely on the accurate placement of the numbers on the mag ring, these can never be perfectly placed as PX and occular adjustments will make small changes to the mag. So to set the scope at exactly 9.2x mag highlight the inch increments on a ruler, stick the ruler into the ground 25 yards infront of the gun and adjust the mag untill the mildots coincide with the inch marks. A 15mm kill will now measure 1 dot at 15 yards, a 25mm kill will be 1 dot at 25 yards, a 40mm kill will be 1 dot at 40 yards etc. You can with simple math now range anything you know the size of, lets say a knockover is 110mm from kill centre to hinge and it measures 4 dots over this distance, divide 110 by 4 and you have the range, or the boards Johnny uses to hide the hinges at WAR which measure 72mm, if 3 dots span the board divide 72 by 3 to get the range, simples.

So all you need then is a small objective mildot scope to give the best clarity over all the ranges at this magnification to enable accurate measuring.

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