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I'm still convinced that good glass on a small objective is more important than loads of aiming points, especially with all the different target shapes now making ranging with dots more difficult.

There's a good Japanese made scope that is 3-9x32 mildot that looks to have good glass but it's from the Sates so postage and taxes make it a bit pricey ( about 220 quid all in ).

I'd settle for an old Japanese made 3-9x32 with 30/30 ret ... like the old B&L ones. So if anyone has one of those lying in a cupboard.

I've used cheaper glass and that blurry area tends to vary ... it's 35 yards one day and 40 the next ... so it actually confuses ranging. That maybe my eyes but I've found with slightly better glass the focus range seems more consistent ... for me. A 40mm obj. used to give me 13 to 35 with 25 pa. Now I'm blurred at 20. So a smaller obj. would mean I could set up to focus in the shorter ones a bit and still leave enough blur to give a clue on 40 and 45.

I'm still a massive believer that you never go outside of 1 md anyway for aiming ( from 12 yards to 45 I'm not outside half a mildot )... apart from 8 and 9 yards. I set up 1 md for thick bar on the 30/30. . For 8 and 9 yards the kill looks so huge at 20mm min and 9x that it's dead easy to judge where to put the bottom bar anyway.
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