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Another good post. It is very satisfying when one can help a newcomer to any sport and give them advice, especially a youngster ... and especially if they take it. Quite often it can be frustrating as they often know best despite you trying to stop them making the same mistakes that you've made yourself over the last 35 years ... but that's life.

I suppose there are reasons why shooters don't post their own ranging techniques on the internet for youngsters and newbies to learn from. Maybe fear of embarassment ( in case it's wrong ) or maybe not wanting to give away any 'secrets'.

I could waffle about my methods in the hope that that may help young 'uns but you are far better at it than me ( the explaining and probably the ranging ).

Here's a couple of, not so much techniques of ranging, but guidelines that I'd suggest ...

Learn your own method and then stick with your own estimations on a course. DO NOT get fooled by listening to your shooting partner or from overheard gossip around the lanes. You may decide a shot is 35 yards. You may hear your partner say ... " That's definitely 40 yards ... yep I'll be shooting that for 40 yards". You convince yourself he must be right so you shoot it for 40 and miss high ... because you were right ... it was 35. At the end of the round he'll probably of scored 43/60. So you've been listening to a guy who's missed 17. Similarly you may hear the shooters leaving the lane in front of you saying " Well I shot that for 35 and missed low so it must have been 40 ". No ... it probably was 35 and they missed just because they aren't that good and they've just missed low. So ... Golden rule number 1 ... switch your mind off from the gossip you hear on the way around the course and go with your own decisions.

Don't ever aim edge of kill ... I can explain that if someone wishes ... but it's so obvious when you think about it and I'm sure most decent shooters know that anyway. It's got me so many more targets since I've been doing that.
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