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Originally Posted by Petervw View Post
I'm still waiting for MTC to make a 1 inch tube SF 8x32 with SCB ret
10x is too much for me as I don't like blurry vision
now I use a Mamba Lite 3-12x44 (great HFT scope) at 7x

I think there's more of a market for an HFT scope at the lower end of the market rather than top quality glass, and to be honest you don't need top quality glass for HFT.

Personally, I reckon reasonable quality glass at around 9x40 is about right for HFT. Enough DoF to see everything, shallow enough to use some parallax tricks to rangefind and at 40mm objective lets enough light in that you don't need expensive glass to see what you're shooting at.

I don't think any scope manufacturer could justify making a mass produced scope just for HFT, the bulk of the market is in hunting with powder burners. So any scope would need to suit both markets to be a financial success.

HFT is a tiny market.
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